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Amanda Dean

Website 23. Jan, 2019


Keep working, site is great.

Website 26. Nov, 2018


Wonderful picture.

Website 2. Jun, 2018


What an amazing site, love all the details in your site!

Website 23. May, 2018


Amazing photos.

Website 2. Mar, 2018


It's really nice, keep up the good work.

Website 30. Jan, 2018


Love the pictures :)

6. Jan, 2018

Ray Head

Good to have you back Amanda

Website 16. Oct, 2017


Beautiful photos guys!

6. Sep, 2017

Alan Hearn

Wonderful photos you keep on producing Amanda --- well done!

Website 31. Aug, 2017


Thanks for keeping a good site

Website 24. Jul, 2017


I am so love the pictures you share, and very beautiful web design.

Website 24. Jan, 2017

Anthony Allston

Considering you only started photography in 2015 Well done especially to have a website up too ! Great images !

15. Jan, 2017


Excellent pictures really enjoyed looking through them will keep an eye out for new ones keep up the good work

14. Jan, 2017

Ray Head

Always enjoy your marvellous photographs

14. Jan, 2017

paul arnold

Loving the wildlife shots.

14. Jan, 2017

Paul Watkins

Great collection of photographs! Love the Foss Island Reflection in Mono, Amanda. A real 'eye opener' that one!

14. Jan, 2017

Alan Hamer

Absolutely love your pictures, I look forward to seeing them

14. Jan, 2017

David Hair

Excellent photos.

13. Jan, 2017

Terry Buxton

You put on some really awesome photos last year really enjoyed your work, looking forward to seeing more information 2017 xx

14. Nov, 2016

Bob Dean

Excellent pictures. I especially like the Stately Home landscape photographs.

12. Oct, 2016

David Foulkes

Stunning action and close up photography. Fantastic part of the country to indulge your passion.

11. Oct, 2016


Loving all your photos. Fantastic work. Your very talented.

10. Oct, 2016


Landscapes,wildlife,ships,water,all do it for me,keep up the great work.

9. Oct, 2016

Alan Hearn

Beautifully composed photos!

4. Oct, 2016

Jim + Bracken.

Getting your feet a little wet was well worth it for those Admiral Von Tromp shots.

4. Oct, 2016


Fabulous photography. I like the way you captured each photograph

2. Oct, 2016

Eamonn Keating

Hi love your pictures and love to see more .